Hollywood’s biggest night is legendary for many reasons. From the clothes to the makeup to the winners in various categories, the Oscars always deliver glamour and excitement. Yet, the night wouldn’t be complete without the culinary delights that accompany it. For 30 years, master chef Wolfgang Puck has been in charge of the Oscars Governors Ball menu, dazzling Hollywood’s elite with world-class meals.

This year marks an impressive milestone for Puck as he celebrates three decades of unforgettable feasts at the heart of the Oscars’ most celebrated after-party. The secret to his lasting presence? A blend of consistency, evolution, and a genuine love for the craft. “It’s a great thing to do it for 30 years,” Puck reflects in an ABC News interview. “Longevity is really the most important thing in this business. A lot of restaurants come and go, but very few stay on.”

The menu for the 2024 Governors Ball is a testament to Puck’s philosophy. It’s a mix of old favorites and new surprises, ensuring there’s something for every taste. The crowd-pleaser, a rich and savory truffle chicken pot pie, makes its return, proving that some traditions are too delicious to abandon. Still, Puck isn’t one to rest on his laurels. This year’s menu introduces innovative dishes like honey butter toast with fennel marmalade and whipped crème fraîche, showcasing Puck’s commitment to culinary creativity.

Puck’s offerings go beyond just food. The Governors Ball will feature an exquisite selection of beverages, emphasizing the Oscars’ celebration of culture and excellence. “You can’t celebrate excellence in human culture without good food and good wine,” says Clarendelle CEO Prince Robert de Luxembourg, highlighting the importance of a menu that complements the prestigious nature of the event.

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Desserts, an essential finale to any feast, will be as decadent and diverse as ever. With 37 items to choose from, guests can indulge in treats ranging from piña colada baba au rum to chocolate Oscars sprayed with edible gold. The dessert menu, designed by Puck’s talented pastry team, ensures the night ends on a high note with something sweet for everyone.

With a career spanning as long as the event itself, Wolfgang Puck’s 30-year tenure at the Oscars Governors Ball is more than just about serving food; it’s about creating memories, celebrating achievements, and, most importantly, bringing people together. As Hollywood prepares to roll out the red carpet, Puck and his team are ready to ensure that the night is as much about culinary excellence as it is about cinematic achievements.

This year, as stars gather to celebrate the best in film, they’ll also be toasting to three decades of Wolfgang Puck’s culinary genius. The Governors Ball menu, carefully crafted and lovingly served, stands as a tribute to Puck’s enduring legacy in the world of fine dining. It’s a reminder that behind every glamorous night, there’s a team dedicated to making the experience unforgettable. And at the center of it all is Wolfgang Puck, the man who turned the Oscars Governors Ball into a gastronomic gala that’s as anticipated as the awards themselves.

Don’t miss the spectacle of the 2024 Oscars, where the stars, the stories, and the flavors promise to make it a night to remember.