Classic taxi cabs meet the modernization of Uber transportation with the exciting multi-year partnership between Los Angeles Yellow Cab and Uber. A recent announcement revealed that Uber and Los Angeles Yellow Cab’s five partner taxi fleets are joining forces and combining operations across Southern California.

This groundbreaking partnership extends across various counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego, with CA residents’ Uber rides occasionally transitioning from cars to traditional cabs. Intended to be a benefit to riders and drivers, this current update means taxi drivers will have the opportunity to significantly increase their income with access to Uber trip referrals.

Cab drivers earn an average of around $36,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and this new partnership with Uber opens the door for increased earnings during cab drivers’ slower periods of the day. The merging of taxi drivers and Uber has already proved fruitful, with reports that taxi drivers who drove for Uber earned an average of over $1600 more per month during the second quarter of 2023.

Riders benefit from the partnership thanks to the increase in available drivers, which results in faster pickups. William Rouse, CEO of the taxi operations, expressed his enthusiasm about this newfound partnership, with officials also expressing that cities will see a positive decrease in empty miles driven.

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Uber’s journey reflects resilience and adaptation in the market and, interestingly, when founded in 2009, the company appeared to be a major rival to traditional taxis. However, after navigating dynamic global markets, Uber evolved into a prominent sharing economy service, becoming a force of its own and reaching 130 million monthly users across 72 countries and completing over 7.6 billion trips. Uber’s massive success now stands to grow even more through the multi-year partnership with Los Angeles Yellow Cab and its taxi fleets.

The Uber and Los Angeles Yellow Cab partnership adds 1,200 cabs to the Uber platform from Southern California’s taxi companies. This exciting development doesn’t just end with Uber and Los Angeles Yellow Cab. The partnership includes five other Southern California taxi companies, collectively boasting a fleet of approximately 1,200 vehicles. The taxi driver’s expansive service area extends from the US-Mexico border to north Los Angeles County. Los Angeles isn’t the first to initiate an Uber/taxi model. Uber and taxi partnerships have already been implemented in several major cities, including New York City and San Francisco, as well as overseas in Europe and Latin America.

Southern California’s taxi cab drivers will become Uber-eligible and receive Uber trip referrals in the first step of the onboarding process. Following the onboarding process, riders can soon expect cabs listed as ride options on the popular Uber app. For riders who prefer not to take cabs, they can opt out of the taxi option on the app.

With drivers more active and riders’ trips more efficient thanks to the Uber and taxi combination, the long-term benefits look to be exceptionally lucrative. The partnership serves as a comprehensive solution to the transportation needs of the region’s residents and visitors.