In a poignant ceremony on Monday, December 11, the Hollywood Walk of Fame welcomed a new luminary to the coveted Walk of Fame. Zac Efron, a San Luis Obispo native, has been awarded the 2,767th star at the historic landmark. The actor became a renowned name in Hollywood for his breakout role as Troy Bolton in the 2006 Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel sensation, “High School Musical.” With a terrazzo-and-brass star to his name, Efron took center stage at the event expressing his gratitude to fans and industry peers. 

Efron’s journey in the world of film began due to director Kenny Ortega’s confidence. At the ceremony, he spared a moment to acknowledge the director for his profound impact on Efron’s formative role. Efron shared, “I still think about it every day. I sing the songs in the shower. Go Wildcats!” Shedding the spotlight on the franchise that propelled him to stardom. 

The actor also extended his heartfelt gratitude to his ardent supporters, whom he affectionately referred to as his “first fans.” He acknowledged, “Thanks for believing in me. You’re the reason I’m here today.” His words mirror the symbiotic relationship he shares with the audience who fueled his success. 

Notably, Efron’s career in Hollywood took a significant turn with the 2009 film “17 Again,” where he starred alongside the late Matthew Perry of “Friends” fame. The actor paid an emotional tribute to Perry, recognizing the veteran artist’s generosity and influence on his burgeoning career. Emphasizing the camaraderie that inspired his professional journey, Efron said, “He was so kind and generous with me while we worked on ’17 Again.’ It was so much fun and it really did propel me and motivate me in so many ways. It really pushed me into the next chapter of my career. Thank you so much, Matthew.” 

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A longtime friend of Efron and a fellow actor, Miles Teller took the podium to applaud his colleague’s remarkable commitment to acting. Teller highlighted that Efron never desired fame, but instead, it was the craft that interested him. He declared, ” Zac didn’t just want to be famous, he didn’t care about being on the cover of all those magazines, he wanted to be an actor. And that is why we’re here today. Because Zac has delivered on that promise.” According to him, Efron is a “true triple threat” who combines talent, work ethic, and undeniable charisma. 

Teller also commended Efron for overcoming the challenges of Hollywood, especially at a young age. “Hollywood is a really tough place and there’s a lot of stories where 20 years later they’re not standing up here in this capacity,” Teller reflected. 

The ceremony was also graced by Jeremy Allen White, Efron’s co-star in the upcoming film “The Iron Claw” which is set to hit theaters on December 22. White lauded Efron’s dedication to embracing challenges and championing his fellow cast and crew, saying, “He champions us and wants us at our best at all times. To me, he is selfless and egoless. It’s as if Zac Efron doesn’t know he is in fact a movie star. So we’re all here today to remind him.” 

As the 2,767th star now adorns the historic Hollywood Boulevard at 6426 Hollywood Blvd, Efron’s imminent release of “The Iron Claw” and the recently wrapped romantic comedy “A Family Affair,” co-starring Nicole Kidman and Joey King are in the spotlight. Honoring Zac Efron on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is not just a recognition of a celebrity, but a multifaceted artist whose journey from “High School Musical” to the present day has created a legacy in the entertainment industry.