History is being made as Victor Glover, a former US Navy captain from Pomona, California, prepares to become the first person of color to fly around the moon as NASA’s Artemis II mission pilot. Today In LA, Lynette Romero and Robin Winston had the opportunity to sit down with Glover while he trained for this historic mission.

During the interview, Glover reflected on the fear and uncertainty he experienced in his younger years, but he also highlighted the importance of hard work and determination. He believes that it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve success with perseverance.

Yet despite this success, Glover shared his feelings of humility and shock upon being selected for the mission and emphasized the family’s crucial role in preparing for such a journey. His education also prepared him for the mission with a background in engineering with a degree from Cal Poly and piloting, which led to his interest in becoming an astronaut. He initially wanted to join the Navy SEALs but was encouraged by his father to consider a career as an astronaut. This guidance proved invaluable, setting him on the course for this incredible achievement.

Glover’s father expressed his pride in his son’s achievement, stating, “It’s pretty amazing.” When asked what he would tell his younger self about his achievement, Glover replied, “It’s going to be okay because you are going to work so hard.”

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Glover passed along this message of hard work and expressed his gratitude to the students at his alma mater, Ontario High School, for their motivation and inspiration. He encouraged them to work hard, be resilient, and strive to be their best.

Glover revealed that he manages his own social media account with guidance from NASA as both an influencer of the younger generation and an influencer in the space community. With almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, he understands the impact he can have on inspiring and engaging with the next generation.

Glover acknowledged the combination of being a role model to others and the gravitas of the mission requires that he deal with stress.  To manage this stress, he spends time with his family and engages in activities such as reading and writing. He finds journaling particularly valuable for capturing and reflecting on his experiences.

On a lighter note, during the interview, Glover shared his preference for In-N-Out over Whataburger and his love for Mexican food, particularly street tacos. As for the music accompanying him on Artemis II, he revealed that a playlist would be curated for the mission and shared with the public.

In his closing remarks, Glover emphasized the importance of being a good teammate and working together to protect our planet and human life. He urged young people to listen to their parents and continue learning inside and outside the classroom.

Victor Glover’s historic mission as the first person of color to fly around the moon is a testament to the power of hard work, family support, and pursuing one’s dreams. As he breaks barriers and inspires countless individuals, his story will undoubtedly impact the world.