California Primary Election Results 2024 are causing ripples throughout the state and beyond as the political landscape is expected to undergo significant shifts. As the evening of March 8 unfolds, the figures paint a vivid picture of the electorate’s preferences across various races and positions. 

In the race for the U.S. Senate full-term seat, the contest has been fought closely. Adam Schiff, representing the Democratic Party, has secured a significant portion of the public support, garnering 1,437,449 votes, which comes to 33.24%. Not far behind is the Republican contender, Steve Garvey, who trails with 1,393,657 votes, making up 32.23% of the electorate. Meanwhile, other Democratic candidates, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee, have also managed to secure notable vote shares, thus reflecting the diversity of choices within the Democratic base. 

Turning to the presidential race in the primary elections in California, former U.S. President Donald Trump has garnered substantial support with a remarkable 78.47% of the vote with 1,217,986 votes. His closest competitor within the Republican ranks is Nikki Haley who is trailing behind with 279,882 votes, constituting 18.03% of the vote share. Notably, in the Democratic presidential primary, the incumbent President Joe Biden clinched a landslide victory, securing a whopping 89.43% of the votes. His competitors, Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips have garnered much smaller shares of the electorate’s support. 

In the race for the position of District Attorney of Los Angeles County, George Gascon is leading the pack with 227,329 votes, or 22.89%. He is closely followed by Nathan Hochman with 172,393 votes, constituting 17.36% of the total vote. Meanwhile, contenders Jonathan Hatami and John McKinney are also vying for the position, with significant portions of the electorate supporting their candidacies. 

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Across various counties within California, the battle for the U.S. Senate seat has unfolded with distinct patterns. In Los Angeles County, Adam Schiff has maintained a lead with 37.59% of the vote, while in Orange County, Steve Garvey has now emerged as the frontrunner with 43.71% of the vote. Ventura County is also witnessing a closer race, with Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey fighting neck and neck, highlighting the diverse political landscape within the state. 

In the race for the unexpired term of the U.S. Senate seat, Steve Garvey holds a slight edge over Adam Schiff, capturing 34.23% of the vote compared to Schiff’s 30.86%. However, the race continues to remain competitive with Katie Porter and Barbara Lee commanding significant support from the electorate. 

Shifting the focus to local governance, Janice Hahn has already secured a decisive victory in the race for the Board of Supervisors in District 4 of Los Angeles County. On the other side, in the Los Angeles City Council District 14 race, Kevin De Leon has emerged as the leading candidate, garnering substantial support from the electorate. 

As the California Primary Election Results 2024 unfold, the figures reflect the diverse political landscape within the state, with candidates from different parties vying for positions of power. These results will not only shape the future of California state but will also reverberate across the national political landscape, showcasing the evolving preferences and priorities of the electorate.