Actor Ian Ziering was attacked by a group of people on mini-bikes at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Los Angeles on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. TMZ obtained video of the bizarre incident and later reported that police are actively investigating. 

In the video, around ten people are seen riding motorized bikes on a busy street. The reason for Ziering exiting his vehicle remains somewhat ambiguous. TMZ speculates that an accidental collision with his SUV by one of the bikers might have been the cause. This group was also contributing to traffic disruptions. An incident escalated when Ziering pushed a biker who had halted in front of his car, leading to a confrontation as other bikers dismounted and began attacking him.

Ziering was attacked by several helmeted bikers who pursued and pushed him across to the other side of the street. They continued hitting and punching Ziering while he tried to run away. A second angle of the attack showed one of the bikers beating Ziering’s windshield with their helmet, causing significant damage to the $100,000 Mercedes Benz. The bikers sped away after the attack, and their identities are currently unknown. 

Police were called to the area around 3 p.m. on December 31 to respond to the attack. An official report has been filed with Ziering listed as the victim. Police told local news that the incident is still under investigation. 

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Ziering ran back to his vehicle after the bikers appeared to be leaving the area to comfort his ten-year-old daughter, Penna, who had been in the car with him. She was frightened and appeared to be crying in videos taken by bystanders. Neither Ziering nor his daughter were injured in the attack. Ziering took to Instagram to make a statement, confirming that he and Penna were unharmed and calling for better safety on the streets of Los Angeles.

Ziering, 59, is best known for his portrayal of Steve Sanders on the hit television show Beverly Hills 90210. The show was a pop culture sensation, resulting in Ziering and his co-stars shooting to superstardom in the 1990s. The show also launched the spin-off Melrose Place and a reboot called 90210 in 2013. Ziering was one of just four series regulars to appear on the show for its entire run from 1990 to 2000. His co-stars included Luke Perry, Hilary Swank, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, and Brian Austin Green. More recently, Ziering appeared on Dancing With the Stars and had a starring role in the Sharknado film series. He has two daughters, Penna and twelve-year-old Mia, from his marriage to Erin Kristine Ludwig.

Ziering’s former 90210 co-stars have spoken in support of him in light of the attack. Brian Austin Green posted a video on Instagram advising against violence but praising Ziering for taking the initiative to protect himself. Green called the biker who appeared in charge of the group a “monster.” Ziering’s Instagram post about the attack was liked by 90210 alumnae Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty as well.