The Los Angeles punk and garage music group FIDLAR is preparing for “FIDmas,” their goofy Christmas tradition in its second year. After sharing a flat, frontman Zac Carper and bassist Brandon Schwartzel discovered this joyous ritual. After Thanksgiving, Schwartzel would turn their living room into a winter fantasy that could compete with any Christmas display in a retail store.

What started as a humorous skit turned into a distinctive production with a Christmas theme. Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown location will host “FIDmas” on Friday, December 15. A small-scale acoustic performance, holiday favorites, and a sneak peek at FIDLAR’s B-sides—only currently accessible on YouTube—are all promised during the event.

Schwartzel’s intense devotion to Christmas inspires the creation of “FIDmas.” We started kidding about having a Christmas performance and thought, let’s keep it modest and build it,” as Carper puts it. Brandon decks the home up for Christmas each time we do it.

In keeping with this year’s version, Pappy & Harriet’s will be decked out for the holidays on December 15, giving fans a festive setting for FIDLAR’s unique punk rock fun. The group intends to perform some of its lesser-known B-sides that fans have only heard on YouTube, along with acoustic versions that will bring the festive atmosphere into the performance.

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In addition to the holiday cheer, FIDLAR will be touring throughout the upcoming year. The band has announced a North American tour with Oliver Tree for his headline performances. One significant engagement is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2024, at the storied Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

Since the release of their most recent complete album in 2019, the punk foursome has been relatively active. In March, they released That’s Life, a boisterous six-track EP influenced by a DMT ritual held during the epidemic. The EP, recorded in Rick Rubin’s famed Shangri-La studio in Malibu with Dave Sardy’s help, has FIDLAR’s distinctively raw and boisterous sound.

“Shangri-La was in itself a crazy place, and the craziest part about it is that it’s a recording studio by the beach, which I’ve never experienced before,” Carper says, reflecting on the recording experience at Shangri-La. It’s FIDLAR to record along the seashore.

FIDLAR is well-known for its ability to transcend genres; its career consists of three entire albums exploring distinct topics and sounds. From the alcohol and drug-fueled party hits of their self-titled debut to the resulting somber realizations of “Too” and the hazy funk and hip-hop trip of “Almost Free,” the group has continuously pushed boundaries.

Although the responses to their sonic experiments have been mixed, Carper observes that their fan base has changed since the publication of “Too.” The following has gotten younger and has a more prominent female presence, a testament to the band’s evolving sonic palette.

Although FIDLAR hasn’t released a complete album in a while, they still produce a lot of music, including the upbeat songs “Nudge,” “Move On,” and “Get Free.” Additionally, they released the unadulterated EP Unplug, which provides an objective look at their discography.

Fans may look forward to a new “Orange County” track as the band tours and releases singles in the upcoming year. According to Carper, the song explores the bittersweet feelings of broken hearts and unfulfilled hopes by telling the moving tale of a buddy giving up on his goals.

In the future, FIDLAR is thinking about putting out a follow-up full-length album or just putting their music out there. Their primary priority is still performing live and interacting with their ever-expanding fan base. 

With “FIDmas” drawing to a close and more wild shows in the new year promised, FIDLAR stays true to its roots and brings a punk rock vibe to the holidays and beyond.