With the start of the new year, comes new resolutions. In a city like Los Angeles, one resolution for many is to experience more of what the city has to offer. Exploring the city, sightseeing, and trying new restaurants are all great ways to get out more. 

A restaurant may be just the place to achieve that new year’s experience that you and your peers are hungry for. The city’s history with the restaurant, Yamashiro, is an iconic one that continues to enliven the luxury dining scene with unforgettable views and immensely flavorful, Japanese-fusion dishes. In addition to the historical charm of this culinary delight, intimate and open-air dining options are not to be overlooked when planning the perfect date night seeing as the romantic restaurant was sold out for Valentine’s Day three weeks in advance. 

Yamashiro, which translates to “Mountain Palace” in Japanese, was first brought to life by founders Charles and Adolf Bernheimer. In preliminary planning the Bernheimer brothers, with the help of East Asian artisans, set out to replicate a similar structure near Kyoto, Japan. Once completed, the mansion overlooked the Hollywood Hills skyline and housed an extensive art collection curated during their travels to China and Japan. 

With its specially designed ponds, gardens, and a 600-year-old-pagoda, the palace evolved with the culture of its host city while showcasing the longevity of Asian artistry. Before its restoration by David O. Glover in 1948, the premises became the home of an elite social club, consisting of Hollywood personalities who helped inspire what it would be next. The property then took the shape of Yamashiro as it’s known today: a culinary establishment boasting its commitment to Japanese-inspired tradition, with a twist of modernity, to help elevate LA’s dining experience. 

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The evolution of the Yamashiro dinner menu compliments the luxury of the palace’s beginnings and speaks to its newer desire to provide refined Japanese-fusion cuisine for Angelenos and visitors alike. This year’s menu is no different in that each item tells a story. Not only do the chefs deliver on this concept with an endless line-up of signature dishes, but they promise a mouthwatering ROI on Japanese grilled meats prepared with contemporary techniques, specialty cocktails made to order, and classic desserts returning to brighten up any occasion. 

By keeping seasonal produce in mind, every visitor is guaranteed to leave satisfied by more than just the fresh ingredients in the food that they order. While the city buzzes with enthusiasm for new arrivals to Yamashiro’s menu, be the first of your friend group to experience the diversifying feature dishes and the remarkable legacy that this restaurant has to offer.

As a restaurant with a reputable foodscape and contemporary flair, Yamashiro’s incredible innovation in the kitchen is what makes this the ideal dinner-and-a-show spot for gatherings big or small. Make Yamashiro your destination and share the ornate artistry and allure of Japanese food with the special someone in your life when you visit Hollywood’s hilltop experience.

Written in partnership with Tom White.