The Halloween spirit is about to swoop down on the City of Angels! For two spine-chilling weekends in October, the L.A. Zoo is set to be draped in ghoulish grandeur, promising attendees an irresistible treat. As the organizers promise, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill haunted house adventure – the L.A. Zoo is upping the ante, combining Halloween revelry with a dash of delightful educational fun.

Kicking off the festivities on October 21-22 and wrapping up on October 28-29, the zoo promises a full plate of “Boot-tiful” activities for everyone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween celebrations without trick-or-treating! However, don’t expect sweets because the L.A. Zoo is about responsible indulgence. They’ve partnered with Mars to provide wildlife-friendly candies crafted from sustainable ingredients.

“How’s this for scary? Unsustainable palm oil production is a grave threat to our rainforests and their inhabitants,” warns the L.A. Zoo team on their website. To mitigate this, the zoo encourages guests to make smarter shopping decisions, starting with their Halloween candy purchases. Users can download the Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping App, a clever tool that scans barcodes and determines if a product contains unsustainable palm oil. If so, it’ll direct you to eco-friendlier options.

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But back to the celebrations and expectations. The wildlife-friendly candy will be available to all guests while supplies last. “In keeping with our efforts to reduce waste, no treat bags will be distributed. Guests are encouraged to bring their own,” the team elaborates on their website. This will be a great way to reinforce the lessons on sustainability to the little ones this Halloween.

Animal enthusiasts will be in between the candy conquests for a real treat, with special pumpkin feedings scheduled throughout both weekends. Imagine the wonder in a child’s eyes watching a snow leopard pounce on a pumpkin or an African-painted dog relishing its seasonal snack. The feeding sessions include everything from tortoises and howler monkeys to jaguars and elephants. What’s Halloween without a few “wild” moments, right?

Costumes breathe life into Halloween festivities, and this is no exception. Eventgoers can don their spookiest attire, but masks, weapons, and anything obscene are prohibited. After all, the focus should be on ensuring an enjoyable experience for all, including the animals!

Speaking of animals, most of us have thought about the existence of extinct species at some point. The L.A. Zoo provides a somber yet essential space for that with their Extinct Animal Graveyard. It’s a poignant reminder of our planet’s once-diverse inhabitants and a call to protect endangered species.

Are they left for more thrills? Dive deep into spooky story time sessions, a collaborative effort with author/illustrator duo Suzanne and Max Lang, and the L.A. Public Library. Their spine-tingling tales promise to entertain and educate in equal measure. Also, don’t miss the LAIR! No spooky decorations are needed here – just rare snakes, venomous lizards, and poisonous frogs to give you genuine goosebumps.

For the Instagram fans, the zoo’s got you covered with fang-tastic photo spots and opulent photo ops, including a towering M&M inflatable and M&Ms costumed characters. Things get better for GLAZA members. On October 28, members at the Family Deluxe level and above get exclusive early morning access to the zoo. Expect special animal feedings and riveting shows to elevate your experience.

The L.A. Zoo’s Halloween celebrations fuse fun, education, and advocacy into one spectacular package. Ghostly giggles, tempting treats, and valuable lessons on sustainability? That’s a Halloween hat trick, if ever there was one!