The Fabela Chavez Boxing Center is a training space that local youth can take advantage of, elevating their skill sets while getting involved in a purposeful and productive project. Now, the center is training an Olympic hopeful, speaking to the efficacy of the boxing club. 

The Fabela Chavez Boxing Center was built with the intention of giving local youth a place where they can go to learn and thrive. It has become a sanctuary that local youth depend on when they need a place to channel their energy or simply a safe space to spend their time. Those seeking healthy and athletic outlets can find what they need at this center, namely at Carson Boxing Club.

The Olympic trainee is Nico Robledo III, a passionate youth ready to fight on behalf of his friends and loved ones. “You’re fighting for your parent, your father, and someone that’s been there for you since day one,” said boxer Nico Robledo III. He expressed his excitement about, “That first bell, the ring, and for me to perform for my people back here in the harbor area, in Wilmington and Southern California and hopefully come back as a champion.”

Nico Robledo III isn’t the first of his family to pick up the boxing gloves, either. His father, Nico Robledo Jr., also trained at the Fabela Chavez Boxing Center. He’s proverbially put down the gloves and picked up the mantle of coaching, ready to see his son succeed. “I’m really proud of him because of his hard work and dedication he puts into the sport,” Robledo Jr. said. 

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The center was founded by the late Fabela Chavez, a boxer on a mission to create a community space focused on boxing specifically. Eduardo “Eddie” Rodriguez has been running the center for over 3 decades now and was quoted as saying, “Let’s try them in boxing, another type of discipline, which is workout, exercise, and take your anger and aggression out on a bag instead of taking it out on the street.” He started training there at 12. Dozens of teenagers from as far as Long Beach come to utilize this center, train, and put themselves in a position where they can reach lofty, even Olympic, goals. 

Boxing is an excellent emotional outlet that local youth can immensely benefit from. Robledo III, the star pupil of the center, used Carson Boxing Club to help him process the grief over the loss of his mother due to COVID-19 in 2020. “You know, just me seeing her and how she was hopeless and the pain that she was in, it’s nothing compared to what I’m doing,” Robledo III said. “The loss of my mother really pauses me and motivates me to go harder in everything I do, not just boxing, but life in general.” Robledo III also experienced a coma for months following his mother’s death due to COVID-19. “In my head, I just felt like a bell ring and it’s time to fight,  but instead of fighting in the ring, you’re fighting for life,” Robledo III added. “You’re fighting for your parent, your father, and someone who’s been there for you since day one.”

Carson Boxing Club is healing one person at a time by giving them the tools and space they need to become accomplished boxers. With every fight, boxers get one step closer to healing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through physical activity. We look forward to seeing the progress of Robledo III and everyone at the center.