The six-night live Netflix stand-up special Everybody’s in LA radiates an entertaining exploration of Los Angeles’s diverse and often perplexing qualities. The Netflix series is viewed through the comedic lens of renowned stand-up comedian John Mulaney, who brings his trademark wit and humor to six live installments. In each, Mulaney navigates the city’s long list of quirks, providing viewers with a comical and insightful peek into life in the crowded and vibrant City of Angels. 

During the inaugural episode, Mulaney introduces viewers to his comedic exploration of Los Angeles with a colorful map, seemingly intended to shed light on the city’s vast array of neighborhoods. However, the map becomes an amusement source dotted with inaccuracies and omissions. Mulaney’s comedic intent remains evident despite these geographic flaws, which would be most noticeable to Angelenos. 

Throughout the special, Mulaney engages in spirited conversations with fellow comedians, celebrities, and local personalities, delving into various facets of LA life. The show presents a multifaceted portrait of the colorful, star-studded city, from amusing anecdotes about palm trees to quirky encounters with urban wildlife like coyotes. Overcoming the occasional hiccup caused by the map lumping certain cities outside of LA under the LA umbrella, Mulaney’s genuine fascination with Los Angeles shines through, giving the comedic series a welcomed sense of depth and authenticity that pairs well with the laughs.

A standout feature of the special is its spotlight on real-life Angelenos, whose diverse experiences and perspectives provide a rich and raw look at life in the city. Giving a platform to urban anglers casting lines in the LA River or the proprietors of family-owned bike shops navigating the busy city streets, these vignettes offer an intimate glimpse into a different side of Los Angeles, away from the typical glitz and glam it’s known for. 


Mulaney’s map contains inaccuracies, including standalone cities such as Santa Monica and West Hollywood being lumped within the confines of “LA,” while iconic neighborhoods like Leimert Park and Chinatown are notably absent. The mislabeling of areas muddles the depiction of Los Angeles’ sprawling identity, demonstrating the inherent challenges of defining the large city’s diverse geography.

Despite these shortcomings, Mulaney’s portrayal of Los Angeles is infused with a clear sense of affectionate jest. While some jokes may falter due to inaccuracies, they stem from a genuine appreciation for the one-of-a-kind city’s quirks and contradictions. The sentiment resonates with Angelenos, who understand that living in Los Angeles is an exercise in embracing the unpredictable absurdities of urban life.

Everybody’s in LA ultimately offers viewers a delightful blend of humor and heart, serving as a poignant ode to the intricacies of life in Los Angeles. While the map may not have accurately captured the city’s geography, John Mulaney’s comedic exploration captures the essence of LA living with warmth and humor. Tuning into Netflix, the audience is invited to join Mulaney and friends, immersing themselves in the unique perspective presented by the whimsical six-night live Netflix stand-up special Everybody’s in LA for a celebration of laughter, fun, and Los Angeles.