The Canadian classic poutine is not a familiar dish at many restaurants in the greater L.A. area. If you’re unfamiliar with poutine, it’s a Quebecois cuisine with the basic formula being a plate of French fries, melted cheese curds, and a thin layer of brown gravy. The gravy should not be hot enough to melt the curds and should allow you to get a pull of cheese with every forkful you eat of the poutine.

Though poutine originated at diners in rural Quebec in the 1950s, it is now a common dish throughout Canada. Depending on where you go, it can have many variations in the way that it is cooked, what it is served with, and how you can eat it (poutine burgers are not uncommon now). Some restaurants in America are slowly adopting it.

However, those craving poutine in the greater Los Angeles area have wondered if it is an easy dish to find in their various districts. Given that it is not so popular yet, this short guide will help you discover where they serve poutine in your favorite locations around Los Angeles.

The Kroft – Anaheim, Chinatown, Long Beach

Though the poutine on Kroft’s menu is labeled as “loaded fries,” this description negates the identity of the poutine on the menu. The restaurant serves a variety of appetizers and variations, such as loco moco poutine with wagyu beef and fried eggs, as well as a country fried chicken poutine, which features chicken nuggets and swaps out the brown gravy for a country sausage brew. They also have braised beef poutine, which adds pickled red onions, sautéed mushrooms, and braised beef. You don’t want to miss the variety they have at The Kroft.

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The Kroft has three locations: one in Anaheim, on 440 S. Anaheim Blvd; one in Long Beach, on The Hanger LBX, 4150 McGowan St., Unit 15; and one in Chinatown, on 629 N. Broadway, Los Angeles.

Sideburns – Long Beach

Sideburns has many offerings, including the typical burgers and chili cheese fries found at most restaurants. It also serves a classic poutine and a “poutine burger,” which is just what it sounds like. At Sideburns, the poutine is more of a side than a meal, but it hits all the great points that poutine requires: brown gravy, thick cheese curds, and crisp Kennebec fries. The classic poutine is a must for anyone visiting the Long Beach area.

Sideburns is located at: 941 East 4th St., Long Beach.

Wavy Gravy – Highland Park

This restaurant in Highland Park serves plenty of burgers, sandwiches, and all-day breakfast items and has many varieties of poutine on the menu. One of their well-known poutine varieties is their taco poutine with grilled chicken, but they also serve dishes such as hamburger poutine, hot dog poutine, and even salmon and carne asada poutine. If you feel extra fancy, you might order the shrimp with lobster sauce poutine.

Wavy Gravy is located at: 5805 York Blvd., Highland Park.