Koreatown in Los Angeles has a spicy new addition. Jjamppong Zizon, a renowned South Korean noodle chain, has opened its first location in the United States. Jjamppong Zizon is famous in its home country and operates over 100 locations in South Korea. Jjamppong Zizon, which opened its doors in April 2024, is known for its fiery Korean Chinese cuisine. It occupies a large, stylish space in Central Plaza on Wilshire, which was the previous location of Wok In Express.

Jjamppong Zizon has quickly become a local favorite, drawing in crowds eager to taste its authentic dishes. The restaurant is famous for its special sun-dried chile powder which brings intense heat to its most popular dishes. The Hell Jjajangmyeon and Hell Jjamppong are particularly notable for their spiciness. Diners can choose from four levels of heat and have the option to add even more spice if desired. However, even the milder levels one and two offer a considerable kick.

For those who prefer less heat, the regular jjajangmyeon offers a milder taste. It includes thin, chewy noodles in a slightly sweet sauce, packed with large chunks of onions, potatoes, and pork. The jjamppong, while less fiery than its Hell counterpart, still boasts a spicy broth enriched with seafood and kimchi. This dish is topped with a quail egg. All noodle dishes are served with a complimentary side of rice, providing a perfect vehicle to soak up all the robust flavors – or temper some of the heat.

The menu also includes non-traditional dishes and variations. For example, diners can order the jjamjjamyeon, which combines jjajangmyeon and jjamppong in a single bowl divided into two distinct sections. Other options include jjamppong with silken tofu or sujebi (hand-pulled dough pieces) instead of traditional noodles.

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In addition to noodle dishes, Jjamppong Zizon serves other Korean Chinese classics including sweet and sour pork which is fried in a sweet rice batter. If diners are looking for even more heat, this dish can be served in a Sichuan style or as a “Hell” variation.

But this well-known restaurant is looking to be more than just a destination for great food; it hopes to provide an authentic Korean dining experience for each customer. It features several thoughtful touches typical of restaurants in South Korea. Each table has a drawer stocked with wet wipes and a small jar of hair ties, which can be quite handy as diners tackle the spicy dishes. Despite serving packaged radish and plastic water bottles, these small details contribute to a unique and comfortable dining environment.

Jjamppong Zizon’s interior design also contributes to its welcoming atmosphere, featuring a modern but cozy style, including traditional Korean pieces throughout. Many walls are adorned with elaborate Korean murals, showcasing stories of folklore from the country to add a cultural touch. Seating in the restaurant also adds to the feeling of comfort, catering to small and large groups. The space can be perfect for an intimate dinner or larger parties.

Customer service at Jjamppong Zizon is highly praised by reviewers who compliment the staff for their warm hospitality and efficiency. The team makes sure that every diner has a memorable experience and will go above and beyond to provide recommendations and accommodate special requests.

Jjamppong Zizon is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 3446 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90010. With its bold flavors and genuine offerings, Jjamppong Zizon is set to become the “go-to” restaurant for noodle enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of Korean Chinese cuisine in LA.