Social media has the power to provide life-changing opportunities for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, interests, and professions. It can help everyone, from artists to chefs to designers, make a name for themselves and eventually build their brand.

A case in point is Tue Nguyen, an innovative and ambitious home cook, and TikTok sensation preparing to open her first restaurant, Đi Đi, in the former Petite Taqueria space on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Working in collaboration with the H. Wood Group, Nguyen, also known as @twaydabae, gained popularity on TikTok for her sunny home cooking, showcasing her Vietnamese heritage and other dishes. Her sold-out pop-ups at the Petite Taqueria location caught the attention of the H. Wood Group, the prominent hospitality group in Los Angeles. The organization saw potential in what Nguyen was doing and collaborated with her to bring her cuisine to life for customers.

Đi Đi, which means “Let’s Go!” in Vietnamese, will be a 90-seat homage to traditional Vietnamese romance and architecture when it opens in June. Nguyen will focus primarily on food and menu creation, while H. Wood will handle the restaurant’s cocktails and overall operations.

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The collaboration is an exciting opportunity for Nguyen to continue sharing her unique culinary gifts with an ever-growing audience while also having the support of a well-established hospitality group. The chef’s success on TikTok and her pop-ups at Petite Taqueria has shown a growing demand for her unique take on Vietnamese cuisine.

Like other hot spots in the food industry, Đi Đi’s authentic and eclectic menu will be its calling card. In a city chock full of diverse cultures and culinary options, the announcement of Đi Đi’s opening has been met with excitement from foodies and fans of Nguyen’s cooking. LA Weekly was the first to report the news, and the article highlighted the cultural significance of the new restaurant.

Nguyen’s rise to culinary fame is a testament to the sway social media can have and the reach and influence of home cooks. TikTok has become a platform for home cooks and chefs to showcase their talents and gain a following. In addition, Nguyen’s success on the popular app allowed her to turn her passion into a profession and collaborate with a highly esteemed hospitality group to open her first restaurant. It’s a win-win for all involved, especially the chef’s customers.

Nguyen’s partnering with H. Wood Group to open Đi Đi is an exciting development in the culinary world. The new restaurant will celebrate Vietnam, showcasing Nguyen’s passion for her heritage. Most promising for her, cities like Los Angeles have proven that chefs who expertly blend cuisine and culture often enjoy sustained success.

With TikTok and other forms of social media establishing themselves as a reliable platform for home cooks and chefs to show off their culinary chops while simultaneously building a buzz, potential rockstars of all food types and tastes should rejoice. And with the upcoming opening of Đi Đi, Tue Nguyen is showing them how to take that success to the next level.