The Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment in Los Angeles program is an exciting new opportunity that the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has revealed for undergraduate students in all fields. This program, presented by RIT Global, promises an in-depth exploration of the realm of multidimensional storytelling against the backdrop of Los Angeles, the epicenter of the entertainment industry.

The curriculum attempts to provide students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the modern entertainment environment, where narrative crosses conventional lines and appears across a variety of media. Participants will examine the collaborative process behind famous franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, where stories change across film, television, literature, social media, gaming, and virtual reality, through a combination of classroom instruction, industry internships, and immersive experiences.

Assistant Provost Tom Connor emphasizes the relevance of transmedia storytelling in preparing students for careers in the entertainment industry, highlighting the importance of thinking beyond conventional formats. “Transmedia storytelling is the method through which you do these things, and it is very relevant,” Connor asserts.

The program caters to students with diverse interests and aspirations within the entertainment sector, including graphic design, communications, gaming, illustration, engineering, data analysis, finance, and business. By fostering collaboration across disciplines, the program aims to create a dynamic learning environment where students can leverage their unique skills and perspectives to create compelling narratives.

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Students will get the chance to network with experts in the business and RIT alumni employed at well-known firms like Disney and Universal Paramount through excursions and courses. These conversations, along with studio visits and guest lecturers, will give prospective career pathways and vital insights into the inner workings of the entertainment business.

Students may take advantage of a unique chance for cultural immersion through RIT’s Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment in Los Angeles project, in addition to the program’s practical experiences and industry connections. Students can also interact with a wide range of viewpoints and creative ideas against the dynamic background of Los Angeles, which is well-known for its varied population and thriving arts scene.

The program’s curriculum was developed in large part by Associate Professor Rebecca DeRoo, who highlights the comprehensive aspect of the experience. “Students will be visiting sites from museums to beaches to film studios to amusement parks,” DeRoo says. “It will be a way of connecting with their learning in the classroom and also enriching the professional experience they’ll be gaining.”

Interested students are invited to take advantage of this exceptional chance to immerse themselves in the lively world of transmedia storytelling and entertainment in Los Angeles, with applications for the fall 2024 semester closing on March 1st. Visit the Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment in Los Angeles website for additional details and to apply.

The Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment in Los Angeles program at RIT provides students with a unique chance to learn about the complexities of contemporary storytelling and have practical experience at the center of the entertainment business. With a combination of rigorous academic study and hands-on experience, participants will graduate ready to handle the ever-changing world of modern entertainment and help craft compelling stories for a variety of media.